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Women in Coverlet Weaving: Sarah LaTourette

Throughout history, men were predominantly coverlet weavers and women were the consumers. But in rare cases, women professionally wove coverlets. One of these unique women was Sarah LaTourette from Indiana. To date, LaTourette is the only woman documented to have woven coverlets on a loom with Jacquard machinery. Since weaving was a family tradition, LaTourette […]

Harry Tyler

One of the most prolific and innovative weavers of the 19th century was a New York resident named Harry Tyler. Tyler wove over 300 coverlets in 26 years, several of which are housed in the McCarl Gallery. Much of Tyler’s early history is unknown, the only tangible pieces of information that he was born in […]

Weaver Spotlight: David D. Haring

When visitors stop by the McCarl Coverlet Gallery for the American Architecture in Coverlet Design Exhibit, a beautiful navy and natural coverlet is on display in the entrance. This double weave, seamless bed covering is just one example of the beautiful patterns coverlet weavers incorporated into their products. The coverlet has a grapevine border with […]