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Coverlet Memories: A Look at 2013

The year 2013 brought many great people and memories to the Gallery. It was our busiest year yet, as we hosted many new events and welcomed thousands of visitors from all over the world into our unique and creative space. We hosted several events including Gallery receptions, fundraisers, classes, concerts, open mics and much more. […]

Organizing History: The McCarl Coverlet Gallery’s Catalogue System

With almost 400 coverlets in storage, the McCarl Coverlet Gallery must maintain a detailed and categorized system with which to organize them. To help us keep all the coverlets in order, we use PastPerfect museum cataloging software, which is a computer database that lists the details and history of each coverlet in our Gallery. Each […]

Life of a Coverlet Worker

Many people believe that the life of a coverlet worker consists of just hanging up coverlets and that’s about it. Well, sorry to burst your bubble but you’re wrong. First off, coverlet workers come in many forms and fashions. Currently at the McCarl coverlet gallery, we have US students and International students from Jamaica and […]

Pre-Production: The McCarl Coverlet Gallery Exhibit Process

Though many students spent their holiday break relaxing and catching up on the sleep they didn’t get during finals week, the McCarl Coverlet Gallery diligently prepared for our upcoming exhibit, American Architecture in Coverlet Design. All the coverlets  must come down as we prep for yet another exhibit! The process of creating a new exhibit […]