Coverlet Memories: A Look at 2013

The year 2013 brought many great people and memories to the Gallery. It was our busiest year yet, as we hosted many new events and welcomed thousands of visitors from all over the world into our unique and creative space. We hosted several events including Gallery receptions, fundraisers, classes, concerts, open mics and much more. Groups traveled from near and far to see our one of a kind collection of coverlets–everywhere from Latrobe to Australia!


Take a look at the photos below for a highlight of one of our most popular events from 2013. Intern, Joshua Spellman, kicked off the new event season with a Coachella Music Concert inspired by the indie-rock art and music festival that takes place in California. Students sported their best Coachella wear for a chance to win an iPod in a fashion contest judged by Spellman and his two guest judges. The night was filled with fun, upbeat music performed by Saint Vincent students and local musicians. In an interview, here’s what Spellman had to say about his inspiration for the event:

“Every year in California, thousands of people go to this popular music festival called Coachella. Celebrities like Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, and many more are known to frequent this event. People love it not only for the celebrity sightings and music, but also the fashion. At the time this event was going on, so many people on Twitter and Instagram were taking photos and talking about this event, and that’s when it hit me. Coachella was something that a younger demographic resonated well with, and that was the type of demographic that the Gallery wanted walking through its doors.”


“Although it was a bit of a high-risk event to have at the Gallery, the turn out of was astounding. People were dressed in Coachella like fashion, people walked around the Gallery looking at the Coverlets, and people even stayed to hear the musical acts we managed to line up. For the Gallery, it was a great event for brand awareness, especially with the SVC student body.”

Coachella set the stage for a great year at the McCarl Gallery. The year 2013 was filled with great memories and events that we hope will carry over into the new year.

Thanks to everyone who attends our events, exhibits, and supports the Gallery through donations and attendance–and last, but not least,  thanks for reading the blog. We look forward to what the new year has to bring!


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