Quilted Wares & Breakfast Fare

This afternoon, the McCarl Coverlet Gallery hosted “Quilted Wares & Breakfast Fare” to honor our new quilting exhibit that opened this summer. Twenty-five lovely quilting enthusiasts joined us for a wonderful afternoon featuring a quilt lecture, a tour of the McCarl Coverlet Gallery, and a delicious seated brunch.
Quilt Brunch 101
Patti Peer joined us as a guest lecturer and gave a fascinating presentation on the history of quilting. The show featured an exhibit of new and antique quilts, antique coverlets, vintage linens, and items crafted from old quilts.The display she brought with her was quite stunning!
Quilt Brunch 045
While Patti presented to the group, the guests leisurely enjoyed a delicious brunch consisting of coffee; hot tea; juices; assorted pastries; scrambled eggs; home-fried potatoes; belgian waffles with assorted toppings; bacon; sausage; penne pasta with feta and vine-ripened tomatoes; and fresh fruit wedges.
Quilt Brunch 051
During her presentation, Patti shared some interesting facts about quilts with the crowd.

She dived deep into the intricacies of each quilt, teaching how they are made and where they derive their names. She explained how one particular quilt is called a “yo-yo quilt” because the small circles of fabric resemble the popular children’s toy. This quilt remains a favorite in her collection.
Quilt Brunch 085

With great enthusiasm, Patti offered some background on this eye-catching quilt:

“This quilt is called a yo-yo quilt. It’s wonderful to make and requires no matching fabric. You can use your husbands underwear or old pajamas. You can make one piece at a time, you don’t need a big frame. You cut fabric the size of a saucer and fold edges in, then sew and pull– that’s why it’s called a yo-yo quilt. The great thing is, you can sit down and do this anytime you want to!”

Next, Patti asked the crowd if they knew why the top of a quilt was white, while the rest was done in a blue patch-work pattern. “The answer is simple!” she exclaimed. “The top is white to keep the husband from getting the quilt dirty with his beard.” These interesting facts kept the audience alert and attentive during the presentation.

Quilt Brunch 109

After the presentation, guests gathered in the McCarl Coverlet Gallery for a tour of our newest quilting exhibit.

Quilt Brunch 054

Overall, it was a great afternoon filled with great company and a wonderful lecture.We can’t wait to see you at our next event!

Quilt Brunch 095

What’s your favorite type of quilt?


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