Organizing History: The McCarl Coverlet Gallery’s Catalogue System

With almost 400 coverlets in storage, the McCarl Coverlet Gallery must maintain a detailed and categorized system with which to organize them. To help us keep all the coverlets in order, we use PastPerfect museum cataloging software, which is a computer database that lists the details and history of each coverlet in our Gallery.

Each coverlet can be searched within the catalogue system by the weaver or its object accession number, along with a myriad of factors such as material, color, imagery, location, client, type of weave, etc. The accession number gives the year the coverlet was received by the Gallery, the number of the acquisition within that year, and the number of the coverlet within that acquisition.


A different accession number is given to each coverlet in the Gallery; this number is sewn onto each coverlet, which helps each worker differentiate between each of the coverlets and to locate them within our storage facilities with the help of the database.

Upon opening the coverlet’s information page, various details about the coverlet are given, such as the appearance, type of weave, approximate year woven, dimensions, material, and descriptions.


This information is useful to keep in the database system; it makes searching and viewing the various coverlets a simple task, especially when planning new exhibit.

The McCarl Coverlet Gallery’s current exhibit, Architecture in the Coverlet Design, features 21 of these coverlets. The many others are kept within our storage facilities waiting to be displayed, but that does not mean that you cannot come to visit them all! Please come to visit us here at the McCarl Coverlet Gallery in order to view not just 21, but all 388 coverlets.

Please comment below if you have any questions about our cataloging system. We would be glad to answer them!

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