Weaving Through Love: Valentine’s Day Craft at the Gallery

The Foster and Muriel McCarl Coverlet Gallery did some weaving of its own this week! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, a couple Gallery docents decided to try out a fun woven heart craft from Pintrest.com . It’s the perfect little homemade project if you’re low on cash and want to show your significant other, friend, or family member just how much you love them. This tricky little craft didn’t put the McCarl Gallery docents in mood for love right away, but the finished product really had flowers, doves and all that other love-y stuff swarming through our thoughts!

Things You Will Need:

Glue, glue stick

Colored Construction paper/Colored Card Stock

A reliable pair of scissors


Cut two different colored pieces of paper into this shape.

heart mccarl2
Then, cut three silts on the straight edge of each piece of paper. Stop the slit just before the shape begins to curve.

Take one piece of the strip and weave it into the other piece of paper: under, over, under, over. With the next strip of paper, weave the other way: over, under, over, under. Follow this process with the remaining strips.

Your finished product should form a heart. Any loose pieces can be cut or secured with a bit of glue.

heart mccarl
The coverlets found at the McCarl Coverlet Gallery were not easy to master, but expert coverlet weavers managed to complete a coverlet within a couple of days. Figured and fancy coverlets were woven on a Jacquard loom by professional male weavers. With the development of the Jacquard punch card attachment, weavers created more curvilinear patterns, hence the term “figured & fancy” coverlets. Though the typical professional coverlet weaver could make a single coverlet in a matter of days, it meant long hours (up to 15!) in front of a loom. The result? A beautiful bed covering that many middle-class Americans could afford to give a as a gift to loved ones. Though the McCarl Coverlet Gallery has no record of a coverlet given as a Valentine’s Day gift, it would have certainly made anyone’s sweetheart swoon!

With Love,
The McCarl Coverlet Gallery Staff

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